Rosnet Case Study – Southern Restaurant Management


Joe Scripture

Owner, Southern Restaurant Management (SRM)

IHOP Franchisee, Greater Atlanta Area



Southern Restaurant Management (SRM) is a franchisee of the IHOP brand and operates 11 units in the greater Atlanta, GA area. With a growing company and a desire to increase both automation AND the bottom line, Joe and his team needed a cost effective solution to help them achieve their goals.



Rosnet proposed both our Reporting and Food Management solutions to Joe and the SRM team.


The Rosnet reporting solution offers restaurant operators the ability to see their data, how they want it, when they want it. With robust dashboards and configurable widgets operators can now understand their numbers in minutes instead of hours.


The Rosnet Food Management solution is a one of a kind food cost control tool. Since Rosnet maintains the system there is no additional effort on the part of Joe’s team updating prices, recipes, etc. These time consuming tasks are part of Rosnet’s standard offering.



Over the 60 day rollout period Rosnet set up the new SRM Rosnet website, worked with mainline and produce vendors to auto-load invoice data, configured their recipes and trained their teams both in store and above store. This culminated in the official launch in June of 2012. Joe and his team went to work utilizing the information from Rosnet to help drive operational decisions and behavioral changes to increase profitability.



As of the launch in June of 2012 SRM was averaging a weekly actual food cost vs. theoretical food cost gap of 2.83%. Within the first six months that gap had closed to 2.13%. In the following six months SRM was able to further reduce their gap to 1.72%. In the first year of the SRM-Rosnet partnership SRM has been able reduce their AvT gap by 1.11% which represents an annual estimated savings of nearly $185k.



“The only regret that I have about rolling out the Rosnet solution for my business is that we didn’t take it seriously for the first six months.”