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Rosnet Food Management

Control food costs with a restaurant food and inventory system unlike any other in the market.

Restaurant Inventory Management

  • Easily and accurately track your inventory. 
  • Prep tools for cutting, cooking, and thaw pulling.
  • Efficiently count your stock levels and manage quantities in a centralized database.
  • Control costs by analyzing theoretical vs. actual usage. 
  • Use mobile devices both on and offline to speed up the inventory process.
  • Accurately track waste and monitor what factors are leading to product loss.
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QSR Friendly

We know that QSR concepts run their businesses differently than full-service restaurants, and our platform adjusts accordingly. 

  • Real-time data in 15 minute intervals.

  • Integration with drive-through timers.

  • Perform soft inventories multiple times a day.

  • Theoretical costing that includes paper products.

Automatic Invoicing and Ordering

Submit your mainline orders directly from Rosnet to the vendor.  

  • Rosnet works directly with your vendors to load invoices electronically.

  • Depending on your vendor's capabilities, Rosnet submits product orders directly to them.