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StaffLinQ Web and Mobile App

Rosnet's Web and Mobile App puts your employees' schedules at their fingertips. 

Hourly Employees

Included with the cost of Rosnet's Labor Management Module, StafflinQ can be accessed via Web or Mobile App at no cost to your hourly employees! 

  • Employees can view their schedules, pick up, drop, or swap shifts. 

  • Requesting time off, sending direct messages, and changing availability are all possible within StaffLinQ.

  • The StaffLinQ Mobile app is available on Android and Apple devices. 

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Designed to keep employees engaged, Gamification offers a new level of motivation with some friendly competition. Including Gamification in your day-to-day business operations has the potential to lower turnover rates and increase sales. 

  • Quickly create and manage contests that will feed into your employees' StaffLinQ accounts. 

  • Keep your staff engaged and invested with visible achievements and badges.

  • Participants will stay connected and up-to-date with their standings on the Leaderboard.

Gamification Achievements