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Rosnet Assistant

A new way to get your data, how you want it, when you want it, and where you want it. Just ask Alexa!

Alexa, what are my sales?

Rosnet's integration with Amazon's Alexa platform allows you to get quick access to actionable information from any Echo device and the Amazon Alexa mobile app.

"In a world of trying to find more time with less resources, we need to think about ways to innovate and make our day-to-day work flow items more efficient.  Rosnet Assistant does just that.  Using the Amazon Alexa application, restaurant operators as well as multi-unit directors are able to multi-task while being verbally fed critical information on their business operations.  This truly hands free approach has made our lives easier and kept our folks engaged with analytics with their very own virtual assistant."  

Ryan P. - VP of Strategic Operations, RMH

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